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Choosing an Exterminator

How to Choose a Professional Exterminator Company

Selecting a professional pest exterminator company can be a confusing task. Services offered can greatly vary in quality in the professional exterminator industry. Companies also have varying service offerings. Some companies offer guarantees; some do not. Some perform general pest and termite control; others do not.

The most important first step is to select a company that is best for you. You want to feel comfortable with the exterminator company that you select. There are some criteria that you should consider as you try to find a professional exterminator company. The following three steps will help you screen professional exterminator companies.

  1. Always deal with a qualified and licensed professional exterminator company.
    Even though a company might have nice vehicles, attractive business cards, and sharply dressed employees, there is no guarantee that they are qualified to perform pest exterminating or pest management services. Most states require personnel to be trained and certified according to state requirements. Certification requires knowledge of pests and pest control or extermination. Some states require that the company is licensed depending on the regulatory structure. These are certifications and licenses are not occupational business licenses; these are licenses to perform pest exterminating services and are usually issued by the state agriculture department or structural pest control agency in the United States and the provincial pest control regulatory authority in Canada. Feel free to ask for copies of certification or licenses issued by the pest control regulatory agencies. Virtually all states require liability insurance as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for a copy of the declarations page of the insurance policy. Larger companies might be self insured and they can provide financial responsibility information. Finally, ask how long the company has been in business. There are stable companies which have been providing professional exterminator services for over a hundred years.

  2. Only evaluate pest control companies that are members of national and state pest management associations.
    Membership in national and state pest management associations show that the professional exterminator company has invested in the industry through funding training, public affairs, and research. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA), founded in 1933, is the only national association dedicated to the professional exterminator industry. To verify that the company is a member of the NPMA, go to www.pestworld.org. State associations are generally affiliated with NPMA and if a company is a member of NPMA, they are automatically a member of the state association. This applies to most state associations. Not all states have associations with about five sparsely populated states having no association. New England states have joined together to form a single association. There are also local associations which provide local training. Larger cities usually have local associations and these might not be affiliated with the NPMA or state associations. Ask if the company is not only a member of the NPMA and state but ask if the company is an active member and then verify that.

  3. Consider an NPMA QualityPro company.
    The exterminating or pest management industry has developed a voluntary program to raise the level of professionalism in the industry. Participation in this program means that the company has gone the extra mile by investing funds in additional training and recordkeeping beyond the requirements of the state regulatory agencies. The program requires that companies have proper contracts, educated and experienced service personnel, and will engage in best pest management practices. Selection of a QualityPro company provides that extra peace of mind for the consumer. Visit www.npmaqualitypro.com for more information.